Clinton Anderson Blew My Socks Off!

by Admin on April 27, 2012

Clinton AndersonI like to do things with my wife.  It keeps her happy.  No understanding why she wants to put up with me but there ya go.  Anyway… I told her I would go with her when Clinton Anderson came to town.

Clinton is my wife’s favorite Aussie turned Texan horse trainer.  Whatever…

I forgot about it and then the tickets magically showed up.  Uh oh… put up or shut up time.

It was a 2 day event that was amazing beyond anything I could have expected.  The thing was run more like a rock concert than a horse training lesson.  Good grief!

The announcer came through loud and clear, loud music, smoke, 4 sided scoreboard with media center and more.  Clinton enters the arena (in Tulsa, OK) to the sounds of close to 3,000 screaming fans.

WHAAAAAT?  Did Aerosmith just enter the room?

Nope, it was Clinton Anderson!  OK Yawn…. I had brought my Samsung Galaxy Tab with me in case this got too dull.  I had earbuds too.  Yup I am prepared.

Clinton Anderson and HorseWell waddya know.  This guy is funny as hell!  He puts on a show with his personally trained horse that is quite a demonstration.  That horse acts better than my kid did growing up.  Wow!  Hey better than my wife too come to think of it.  (Sorry dear!)

For two days this went on.  I was spellbound.  This guy could train a fence post to do backflips I believe.

They brought in a horse that was just one step short of a bucking bronco that would just as soon run over you as look at you.  Clinton’s job was to get this horse to load in a trailer.  Yea right.  This thing was snorting and running all over the place.

About 30-45 minutes later Clinton had that horse RUN into the trailer by himself.  He WANTED to go into the trailer.  Previously he wouldn’t go anywhere near the damn thing.

Note:  The trick was to make the horse uncomfortable outside the trailer and let it rest INSIDE the trailer.  It was simply brilliant.  I can’t tell you how many times I have watches a team of mad folks try to get their horse in a trailer.  It usually works in a couple of hours too.

There was a charity event too.  You could buy a tennis ball for $5 and during a segment of the event you could throw the ball toward a stake in the middle of the arena to win a prize.  After that was all done he had all the kids come down and pick up the tennis balls as fast as they could.  I gotta tell you this may have been the funniest part of the whole weekend.  Clinton was hollering at them and trying to get them to do this or that.  Little kids just don’t follow instructions all that well as most parents know.

Anyway I was super impressed with this 3 ring circus of entertainment.  The training lessons were well done with enough humor that I couldn’t stop watching.  It actually got me excited about training horses and horses are NOT my thing.  They are my WIFE’S thing.

So great job Clinton Anderson.  You have a new fan.  If you get a chance to go see him you should DO it.  You will learn, be entertained and have a great time.  You can learn more about Clinton at DownUnderHorsemanship.

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