Horse Search In the Middle of Nowhere Part 1…

by Admin on February 28, 2012

Palomino Baby

Wifey tells me that there is a beautiful palomino baby that she wants to go see.  It is “down south” of town.

OK…no problem.

We hop in the car and head “south”.  OK we live in south Tulsa already so we are heading SOUTH!

Through Bixby and out into parts unknown.  The concrete turned to asphalt.  The asphalt turned to dirt/gravel.

Buzzards are seen circling overhead.  The road soon turns to rock chunks the size of your fist up to the size of a loaf of bread.  Had we suddenly turned onto a trail in Colorado?  No…surely not.  We were headed “south”.

I noticed that the buzzards seemed to have disappeared.  Good.  We must be out of range of them now.  What could POSSIBLY go wrong?  Do you remember seeing a house anywhere?  No?  Me either.

The road kept going and going and going.  Left, right, further and further.  We must be near Dallas I thought.  Nope wifey says we are just “south” of town.  RIIIIIGHT!  I guess the anticipation factor was worth some mileage.

Finally! We arrived.  A very nice house and a very nice barn were right there in front of us.  It was beautiful out here but where was “here”?  You can see from the background of the photos that this was in a pasture that went on forever and a bit more.  There was NOBODY around.Nowhere Palomino

The horse was beautiful.  The lady was very nice.  The barn was immaculate as was the horse.  The price was just a touch steep for an untrained baby for our blood.  So we decided to pass on it.  The horse was probably even worth what she was asking but it just wasn’t right for us.

Something about the middle of nowhere breeds horses.  I don’t quite get that.  Wait till you hear about where we DID buy wifey’s palomino.  (The crossing of nowhere and no place. ) Next time…

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