Palomino Purchase at the Corner of Nowhere and BFE

by Admin on June 14, 2012


The Palomino Hunt Continues

Well I promised you the story so here it is.  This story goes back a couple or three (yes that is Okie talk) years.

Dear wife finds her potential palomino dream horse (good enough and affordable) up in nowhere Kansas.  Realize we have not seen this horse in person.  We have hooked up the horse trailer and taken a “little” drive across state lines with GPS in hand to a rural address in the middle of BFE Kansas.  To say I felt kinda stupid was an understatement.  It is just a WEE bit hard to negotiate on a horse when you brought your trailer in tow from hundreds of miles away.

Good thing we had the GPS which was designed by my team at Lowrance.  It worked flawlessly.  Too bad it didn’t let me know of some of the fun we were gonna have.

For example we were heading down “nowhere road” intersecting “You gotta be kidding me” road and came to a stop.  Yes there was a genuine stop sign.  There was not a house in any direction as far as the eye could see.  Hell, there weren’t even any FENCES.  I looked up and there was a by God street sign.  That’s right.  A street sign just like you would see in any city block.

Here we were miles from nowhere, with no fences, much less houses and we have a stop sign and a street crossing sign.  I burst out laughing.  I dunno.  I just found it damn funny. Wifey looked at me like I had lost it.  No I hadn’t lost it honey…we have a GPS!

Anyway, the GPS drove us within a few feet of the driveway and we pulled in.  This was a farmhouse, with a barn, shop, tractors, the whole nine yards.  The folks were as nice as any you would meet.  They were hospitable, friendly and obviously cared about their horses.

My wife and them hit it off big time.  Yada yada horses…yada yada, more horses…. We went to look at the horse and BOING!  Wifey was in love.  She was ready to ride him home.  But my wife is too savvy for that.  No no… first she wants to see her new love (forget the husband) go round and round in circles.

Well they didn’t really have an arena but they had a little make shift round pen made out of concrete, steel and sharp objects.  She watched the owner bring him (horse) into the round pen and lead him around.  OK  we’ll take him.  That’s subtle.  No that isn’t E-X-A-C-T-L-Y what happened.  But it felt like it.  No Wifey lunges him (sometimes referred to as “dope on a rope”) for a little while.  Dope on a rope makes you wonder which end of the rope is the dope huh?

Anyway, she is ready to take him home.  She can’t stop hugging on him and petting on him.  Now wait a minute what about that thing called riding I say.  That is what you want the horse for!  Well she says it is windy, strange horse, small area, etc.    NOPE!  Get yer butt up on that horse or I’m not bringing it home.  OK that isn’t the part that was said OUTLOUD but the inside voices said it.

Fortunately, he rode well in spite of the wind, dust etc.  I was satisfied that at least it had potential.  More hugging and petting.  I am starting to feel REEEALLY inferior now.  (Don’t worry it will get worse!)

Dollar Comes Home

The good news is that this horse came home with us totally un-eventval like.  She named him “dollar” in honor of John Wayne’s horse.  OK ya gotta luv that.  And now years later I can honestly say that he has been just about as good a horse as ANYONE could want.  He is gentle, easy going, almost never spooks at anything and is easy to handle in every way.

Wifey still loves him more than me (so what else is new) and you can tell that she couldn’t be happier with him.  I couldn’t be prouder of the way it has worked out for her and have to admit that she was both skilled and lucky with her choice.  He is a good one.  Yes the picture in the corner of this post is our beloved Dollar.

Stay tuned for more lies, and if you want to go say hi to the wifey, head on over to Novice Horseman and check out her blog and her ecommerce store.

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