Tale of Damage and the Borrowed Horse Trailer

by Admin on January 12, 2012

Horse Trailers in the PastureLet’s talk about damage.  Yup, real bonafied damage.  The kind that makes your wallet go UGH!  This story starts with a horse that we had for not too long.  It ends in Kaching!  What’s in the middle?

One fine day we have gotten our shiny semi-new horse out and have got her tied to the hitchin’ post.  I don’t recall exactly as it was 20 something years ago, but my wife was cleaning her hooves or brushing her or something when the horse gets spooked.  She jumps (the horse not my wife… OK both of them) in every direction and finally pulls on the halter until she BENDS the steel pipe and has it leaning out of the ground.

I gotta hand it to the halter for not breaking.  I gotta hand it to my wife for being fleet of foot to get out of the way of the 1000 pound rodeo but geeez… we just bent 3 “ steel pipe at a place we rent.  Hope no one notices.

Then another time we have the horse over near the Camaro we owned at that time.  Again, I don’t remember … we were getting something out of the car and it was a shady spot…but anyway, we were a little close to my wife’s Camaro.  Again something spooked our big girl and sideways she goes.  Folded that mirror on the driver’s door flat.  Funny, it didn’t USED to be that way!  Car customization at its finest.  Since I am in charge of fixing cars I was …uh…less than pleased.  But I can do these stories all day.

Next comes the borrowed horse trailer.  I think I managed to miss this fiasco in person.  My wife was gonna take the horse somewhere.  She didn’t have a trailer yet.  Her good horse buddy loaned her the horse trailer and of course, newbies that we are thought “what can go wrong?”  Did I mention there are HORSES involved in this story?  A horse can create a problem out of thin air.  They can hurt themselves in a rubber room.  I only wish I was kidding.

Anyway… once again big girl is tied up…this time to the center support on the trailer when she spooks.  Remember that 3” steel pipe she bent.  Well the center support on a two horse trailer is smaller than that.  When she pulled on the halter this time the center support comes out.  That means the top has to come down.  “I wonder if she’ll notice?” we asked.  Surely anyone with half a brain cell would.  So we did what you do for your buddies.  We bent the crap out of her trailer so we have to fix it. KACHING!

I know the above stories make it sound like all big girl did was spook.  That was not the case at all but the moral to this story is that when they do….. WHEN THEY DO… you better have insurance.  As it turned out big girl (name changed to protect the not so innocent) was really a fine horse that has never been given a chance.  With a lot of love and training she became one of the best horses anyone could ask for over the years.  She became my wife’s “go to” horse and gentle enough to be used for riding lessons by the kids at the stables.

But that won’t stop me from telling you these tales that are 97% true.  Most are humorous upon reflection, but cost us lots of rapid heartbeats and dollars during the day.

Do you have a story like these?  Add a comment and let us know?


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